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Combating Remote Working Tech Issues

Initially working from home may seem like a luxury, however, once the novelty wears off reality sets in. With a dramatic increase in employees working from home, networks have been put under strain which in turn has led to slow connectivity and downloads. An added frustration for remote workers is dealing with the new technology installed on their laptops. Without the assistance of an IT department to keep remote employees working efficiently, productivity can grind to a halt.

There is no one-size-fits-all recommendation for the best remote work setup, however, one rule of thumb is to keep gadgets to a minimum. The more tech you own, the more troubleshooting you will have. That principle can guide you to a simpler, less frustrating setup that enables ease of collaboration. 

Here are a few tips to streamline remote working:


Compared with speedy broadband connections at work, a home connection can be sluggish as a result of numerous users sharing the same bandwidth.  If you experience slow internet speeds, a modern Wi-Fi system with support for the latest wireless standards will help, however, if speeds continue to feel sluggish even after you upgrade your networking technology, you may have to contact your internet provider. A backup option is using your smartphone’s hot spot feature which turns your mobile connection into a mini Wi-Fi network. Cellular networks are designed to handle larger amounts of users, so chances are that your smartphone’s data connection will be faster when your broadband is overwhelmed.

Microsoft Teams

Team collaboration is an essential aspect of remote working. The path to success is having a good combination of the right tools to do the job coupled with empathy for colleagues when using tech equipment. People have different levels of tech literacy. It is best for you and your team to choose a versatile, secure, recommended collaboration platform such as Microsoft Teams, a hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365. Teams is built so that you can put all the tools you use to do your work in one place. Although many video conferencing tools are freely available many of them do not offer online security or the technical support offered by outsourced IT providers.

Video Calls

If sound quality is an issue, if you have loud children or live in an urban environment, it is best to invest in a quality headset and noise-reducing microphone which muffles external noise. 

Digital distractions and ambient noise can affect your ability to work effectively. It is imperative that you keep ambient noise levels to a minimum to maintain high productivity.

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