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Why Microsoft Teams is an essential IT tool for businesses

Before 2020, many business owners did not know what Microsoft Teams was. It was a relatively new piece of software that was mostly used by businesses who were ahead of the curve in terms of technology. Then Covid 19 happened, and the remote working revolution began. In this time many businesses started to fall out of touch with their staff and needed a way to stay connected. Working from home can feel isolating, and it’s up to managers to make sure that staff are not feeling demoralised or unproductive. The solution is Microsoft Teams.

Teams is an example of Unified Communications. Unified Communications or UC apps allow businesses to access a variety of communication and productivity tools through one application. In the case of MS Teams, you can use it to make calls, send instant messages, host video calls, share files and more. Whilst your business may already have tools that allow you to carry out these jobs individually, having them all in one place can be invaluable.

At Biscuit, we have been using Teams for some time and believe that it has the potential to benefit businesses in a big way. Here is our guide to the best features of Teams, and how they can help your business.

Simple Video Conferencing

The most widely known feature of Teams, and the one best associated with the past year is video conferencing. Even if your colleagues haven’t figured out how to unmute themselves yet, this tool can be incredibly useful. Teams gives you a reliable way to host a face-to-face conversation with anyone you need quickly. Aside from having a great interface for video calls, the standout feature is how easily you can get in touch with whoever you need to.

You can quickly and easily schedule meetings with anyone in your business through the Teams app. Customers or people outside your business can be invited to meetings through Outlook. This means there is no more worrying whether people have the right hardware to handle calls. You just send an invite, and they accept on a device of their choice, from mobiles, tablets, or any PC. Teams presents the most versatile and adaptable way for businesses to access this crucial technology.

Due to this accessibility, you can use Teams to host any kind of meeting. From small scale company briefings, to sales pitches and large conferences, it is a genuine replacement for face-to-face meetings.

File Sharing and Collaboration

Since working from home became the norm for many businesses, opportunities to collaborate with colleagues have become few and far between. Without a reliable platform to work together on, it is often too inconvenient and tiresome to get together for work. Connection issues or trouble with sharing documents plague many other platforms.

With Teams it is different. Teams’ collaborative features operate through Microsoft 365. This means you and your colleagues can work together on one document in real time on apps you already know. As opposed to a file editor that nobody has ever heard of, you can just use Microsoft Word! Simple.

With Teams, it is also much easier to make time to collaborate with your colleagues. You can quickly schedule time to work together using Outlook or the Teams app itself, in a way that everyone can quickly view. Notifications are sent before meetings occur, so you’ll never have to rely on other people’s timekeeping skills.

Work on a device of your choice

Working from home is an exercise of finding the best way to get things done. Whether you are dedicated to recreating an office environment, or content to answer calls in your dressing gown, it is important to find what works for you. Teams helps to facilitate this through its built-in versatility.

You can access Teams on any device of your choice, whether it is a desktop PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. This versatility gives your colleagues every opportunity to work in the most productive way possible. This allows you to cater for every member of staff in your business and create a more accommodating work environment.

This also extends to how you communicate. Sometimes a video call isn’t always necessary. Teams lets you get in touch with colleagues and customers quickly through a call or instant message. Whether you make use of every feature or not, Teams gives you the option to work in any way that suits you.

Whilst we hope this quick guide has shone a light on some of the great features of MS Teams, it by no means covers everything. If you’d like to find out more about how Teams can benefit your business specifically then get in touch with us at 01924 241 281. Or for more information about some of our other great remote working solutions visit our website.