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How a Managed IT solution keeps your business secure

Business security is a pressing issue now more than ever. More and more teams are being exposed to cyber-security threats due to the pandemic and rise of remote working. It’s important to emphasise that not many businesses are aware quite how vulnerable their systems can be. As many as 75% of victims of hacks thought they were already adequately protected.

To continue the bad news, most businesses that are hacked once are the ones most likely to be attacked multiple times in the future. Security is vital, especially for teams who have already had difficulties with cyber-security. That’s where we’re here to help. At Biscuit, we provide a managed IT solution. We handle everything from upgrades, to cyber-security both remotely and in person, providing a full suite of protection.

But we’re often faced with the question of what are the steps that we take to ensure that businesses stay safe. That’s what we’ll be answering today. So, whether you’re new to the world of IT and are looking for a solution, or understand what we do here at Biscuit and have been with us for some time. We hope that this guide will help you to understand the security benefits of a managed IT solution a little bit better.

Advanced Monitoring

Keeping an eye on your IT network 24/7 is a huge challenge, especially when you don’t know what to look for. Without a dedicated IT team checking for threats or holes in your security, it is almost impossible for teams to get a proper grasp of the performance of their network. That’s where our advanced monitoring service can shine.

But what is the difference between just general monitoring and more advanced monitoring? It’s all in the details. Instead of simply letting you know when a threat is detected, we aim to pre-empt attacks by keeping a close eye on the health of your devices. The data we gather on device health helps to inform the next steps that we take moving forward.

We’ll relay this data back to you via regular lifecycle reports that feature the data that you need to see. From here we can guarantee that every member of your team is using adequate technology and nobody is falling behind.

Support for On-site or Cloud IT

We know that every team works differently. This applies to their IT infrastructure as well and at Biscuit we have experience in advising and supporting businesses that use a wide range of solutions.

Server support is our bread and butter. Many teams who host their own IT are susceptible to downtime and often don’t have a proper disaster recovery plan in place. Our engineering team have experience with major vendors and are here to help. We can help you to create a full business continuity plan should anything prevent you from reaching your office, similarly if your servers are out of action, we can help you to eliminate downtime and ensure backups are made.

Many teams are currently seeing the benefits of moving their IT to the cloud. While there is no hardware to support here, there is plenty that still requires an effective management solution. Office 365 especially is a service that requires regular maintenance, particularly in larger businesses. We can help ensure that all your team are accessing the collaboration and productivity benefits of these services.

Unobtrusive security

A managed IT solution helps to secure your business, without intruding or slowing down your work. With the rise of remote working, businesses are more susceptible to cyber-security threats than ever before, we help to provide a watchful eye and some extra peace of mind.

Our monitoring service helps here. We equip every inbox in your business with Anti-spam protection, meaning that not only do annoying messages not come through, but potential devastating phishing attacks are filtered out as well.

We’ve also partnered with cyber-security firms ESET and Sophos to provide a state-of-the-art anti-virus app. This service ensures that malicious software never make it to your device. When working from home, staff often don’t have the second opinion needed to vet potentially dangerous software, we aim to be that extra line of defence.

To provide complete peace of mind, we run regular security audits for each of our customers. We make sure that all essential customer, staff and financial data is kept secure and advise you on the best data protection strategies. Finally, we carry out Penetration Testing, ethically hacking your system to make you aware of vulnerabilities before fixing them ourselves.

We hope that this guide has helped to better inform you about the services we offer here at Biscuit. There’s a huge range of benefits that a managed IT service can bring to your business. It’s not just help for when something goes wrong, it’s about proactively improving the way that your business works. For more information about any of the services mentioned here, get in touch at 01924 241 281.