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IT Support, It never pays to cut corners

It’s not always easy to make sure you’re comparing apples with apples when you’re looking for a new IT support partner. As you know, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

So how do you know that you’re getting the best value for money? How can you tell the difference between a genuinely good deal and a scam? In short, what makes a quality IT support provider?

At Biscuit, that’s what we’re here to answer. This blog post will explore why it’s important to shop around when you’re looking for an IT partner, and why you should pay attention to more than the headline prices.

Broad range of expertise

The best IT support companies have a deep well of engineering resources to draw from.

As we all know, expertise comes at a cost, which is why you should always beware of businesses promising top shelf service at bargain basement prices. It simply isn’t possible.

At Biscuit, we like to work with people who have a passion for technology. With expertise in cyber security, network design, cloud services and pretty much everything in between, so no matter what area you need to be supported, we’ve got you covered.

The expertise at your support partner’s disposal is one of the key drivers of value; cost-effectiveness is about far more than just the cost. After all, most businesses judge the success of their IT support on how quickly and effectively their partners can resolve problems.

Manufacturer Relationships

It always helps to have long-standing and fruitful relationships with suppliers. The additional support materials and engineering resources these relationships provide can be invaluable in a crisis. We’re proud to hold preferred partner status with many of our suppliers, giving our clients confidence in our level of expertise and the strength of these relationships.

If a business-critical service or tool breaks, you need to know that your IT support partner will do everything it takes to get you back up and running.

Maintaining strong supplier relationships takes work. If your IT support partner isn’t willing or able to put in the effort needed, this is a strong indication that the service you receive isn’t up to scratch.

This is often one of the biggest surprises to our new clients. We’re very proud of our strong partnerships with Dell, HP, Microsoft, Sophos, SonicWall, ESET, VEEAM, VMWare, DATTO, and Synology to name a few, which has given us access to the deep experience and knowledge base needed to effectively engineer reliable and bespoke solutions.

Allegiance to the client, not the technology

As we’ve mentioned, we work with a huge range of OEMs and service providers.

What this means is that we have no strong allegiance to any single manufacturer. Every piece of equipment or system we recommend is the best solution for each client’s individual needs.

Biscuit do not maintain commercial relationships with our service and hardware partners, which means it’s never in our interests to recommend anything less than the best tool for the job.

We only recommend solutions once we’ve had the chance to sit down with you (either virtually or in person) and talk about what you need, and what you feel is missing from your current systems.

Unlike many bargain basement support providers, our integrity, transparency, and honesty are important to us. That’s why we never make promises we can’t keep, and why you should believe us when we say that our only goal is to ensure you receive the best support available at the best price possible.

Proactivity and Monitoring

From a supplier’s perspective, traditional or reactive support services are more cost-effective, easier to manage and can even offer higher margins than proactive services like ours.

It comes down to conflicting interests; if you’re paying your IT support partner an hourly rate or on a per-ticket basis, they are incentivised not to find the root cause of any given issue. The more tickets you raise, the more they get paid.

This allows a huge number of unscrupulous firms to charge a low hourly rate, with the expectation that you’ll keep reporting the same problems. It’s an effective business model that gives a bad name to our industry.

Our proactive support service turns this on its head. By charging a fixed price for your support, we are incentivised to find and resolve issues before they become problems.

Just like maintaining a car, regular routine maintenance is the key to cost-effective IT management. Our monitoring services act as the proverbial canary in the mine, alerting us to any potential problem before it starts causing havoc with your business.

Our proactive helpdesk team have monthly ticket reviews with your account manager, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks and your systems continue running at their best. This is our equivalent of a yearly MOT and service on your car; we’ll put in the work changing the oil so that you never have to pay for a new engine.

Do you want to find out more about our proactive support services? Get in touch with the Biscuit team today on 01924 241 281 to get the ball rolling.