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Are your IT systems a house of horrors? Let us tell you in 30 minutes.

Without proper system maintenance your business IT can quickly turn into a house of horrors. We’ve all heard the stories; it feels like every other week a famous business or organisation suffers an outage due to a cyber-attack or negligence. From Facebook to mobile network providers, to the NHS. It’s not just larger groups that suffer though. A recent study showed that over 50% of cyber-attacks targeted small businesses, and that the recent rise in remote working has exposed even more flaws in business networks.

There is a way to banish your IT demons though. At Biscuit to make expert advice more accessible we’re currently offering a free 30-minute IT consultation. During this process we’ll explain the options available to your business, based on some key information about your IT network. To sign up for the consultation click the link below.


Or keep reading to learn more about how we can help to solve your IT and cyber-security terrors.

Firewalls – Keep the intruders out.

The average cyber-attack costs thousands in terms of downtime, lost data or ransom fees. IT networks that feature older or underperforming software are unlikely to be adequately protected, or they may use firewalls that aren’t updated or connected to the rest of your systems. With these types of issues extremely prevalent, it’s understandable why cyber-security might be a scary subject.

Our firewalls help to keep intruders out. We’ll proactively monitor your network to make sure that no devices are falling behind in terms of their firewalls. Similarly, we’ll also make sure that the firewalls that you do have installed are always functioning as they should. For extra peace of mind, we also include added security measures such as spam filters that can protect your staff’s email inboxes.

Phishing – Helping your staff to identify threats

Of all the ways cyber-criminals can attack your business, phishing might be the most insidious. Phishing attacks are designed to trick your own staff into allowing criminals to access your data or to siphon funds from your business. Phishing attacks often occur through your inbox. Hackers pose as reputable companies in order to trick staff into giving up data or passwords.

While spam filters do a great job preventing the majority of dangerous emails from arriving in your staff’s inboxes, you should still stay vigilant. If your staff know how to tell a fake email address from a genuine one, or how to spot a link to a fraudulent site, then you’re in a great position to protect your business. During your consultation, ask about our IT training services, and we can help your team to become cyber-security pros.

Remote Cyber Attacks – Keep your entire team safe

Cyber-attacks sharply rose in 2020 due to the increased number of people working from home. Criminals took advantage of many people using unsecured home networks and devices, as well as the fact that when not in the office, staff are less likely to ask their colleagues about any suspicious activity they might spot. All of these have led to a perfect storm for hackers.

Once again the best approach is to train your staff to make sure they’re always following some best practices. This involves never using work devices while connected to a public WiFi network, as well as making sure that their devices are always kept fully up to date with the latest software. It may also be worth having separate work and personal mobiles. All these points can be discussed during your IT consultation, as well as how we can help you to implement a sustainable remote working policy.

Unsupported devices – keep everyone on the same page

If work devices are incompatible or unsupported by the rest of your network, it can play havoc with your entire operation. The 2017 NHS hack was entirely caused by cyber-criminals taking advantage of systems that hadn’t been updated since the 2000s. Your business might not have any flaws quite as egregious as this but it’s worth keeping everyone on the same page.

Our proactive IT support allows you to say goodbye to the gremlins. Our remote monitoring app can quickly detect if any devices on your network are falling behind in terms of updates or need to be replaced with a system that’s more compatible. Keeping your network healthy in terms of the devices, software and security measures that you work with is a brilliant way to bring some much-needed peace of mind to you and your team.

All of this starts with booking a free 30 minute consultation with Biscuit. Our very experience IT consultants based at our head office in Yorkshire, can guide you through everything you need to know. Just fill in a quick questionnaire and a member of our team will promptly be in touch. Click the link below to sign up, and say goodbye to your IT house of horrors.