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We can be your IT department

As more and more work takes place online, businesses have a dilemma. They’re increasingly dependent on IT, but how to maintain it? How do you keep systems up-to-date and monitored? There’s a lot to keep on top of. You need to prevent downtime, support employees with IT problems, protect yourself from cyber-crime … It’s not easy if you lack expertise or only have a small IT team, so what to do?

The biggest companies simply recruit entire IT departments, who’ll cover everything from maintenance and security to tech support and helpdesk duties. But it’s expensive, which is why such a comprehensive IT service has traditionally been unavailable to smaller businesses. Until now.

Here at Biscuit IT, we can provide everything an in-house IT department does, on an outsourced and bespoke basis. This is a lot less costly than hiring a whole team, without any of the rigmarole of recruitment. We can fill any organisational gap you may have, whether it’s complementing your existing team or managing your entire IT infrastructure from top to bottom.

We’ve written this blog to explain some of the services this entails, and how they’ll benefit your business.

System audit and advice

There’s a basic question that all businesses should be asking themselves: are our systems right for us? IT infrastructure is built up over time as your business grows. This is all well and good, but if you’re acquiring devices and software on a piecemeal basis, it can easily become a bit of a hodgepodge. You might find that some of what you use no longer meets your needs, or that you’re over-paying for licences and subscriptions.

This is where we come in. We’ll do a full review of everything you use and how much you’re paying, and offer specialist advice on whether it’s suitable. We’ve got a team of experts in a whole range of software and hardware, from the MS Office suite to cloud telephony. All the advice we offer is with your needs and budget in mind – we’ll analyse your business, resources and infrastructure, and offer expert suggestions in how you can get more out of your IT.

Proactive monitoring

You probably use a bunch of different apps, software, hardware and systems to run your business. If anything goes wrong, that leads to things shutting down, which costs time and money to resolve. It’s critically important to monitor and maintain your systems and devices. Ultimately, preventing problems is a smarter approach than constantly having to solve them.

That’s what we do. We monitor systems and devices 24/7, which allows us to fix problems before they arise. Our monitoring system alerts us to any issues, while also constantly collecting IT performance data and analysing patterns. This allows us to nip any problems in the bud, while also keeping your IT in the best working order.


Cyber-crime has gone up considerably since the pandemic hit. More and more business is now done online and remotely, and criminals have spied this opportunity. Unfortunately, these crime rates show no sign of slowing, and often prey on smaller businesses because they’re an easier target.

We can change that. Our cyber-security specialists can install and maintain the most robust anti-virus and anti-phishing tools, as well as firewalls to protect your network. We’ll also help you out with password management and can train your team up on best practice. Given the enormous financial and reputation cost of a cyber-attack, it’s essential to invest in prevention. We’re certified under the Cyber Essentials scheme, so you can be sure that you’re properly protected.

Backup and disaster recovery

If you lose business-critical files or data, this is very bad news. Forgive us for stating the obvious, but we’ve seen too many cases where businesses have failed to follow the necessary steps. The results are as you’d expect: reputational damage, lost clients and worse.

We can ensure that never happens. We’ll take backups of everything you use and back it up on the cloud. This means that even if you have a major systems issue, you can still access everything. We’ll store it securely as well, and manage access as you need.

Help Desk

On-call IT support was traditionally only available to bigger organisations, with the resources to recruit a large team. The benefits are clear – if something goes wrong, you can’t work. On-call specialists can resolve most issues straight away, which gets you back up and running faster.

Well, we can do that too! We’ll provide unlimited on-site and remote support on any IT issue. Since we can fix most things remotely, this means we can also help remote workers. If something goes wrong, you need it fixed then and there. That’s what we do.

Staff training

It’s a very good thing to have secure, functioning and affordable IT infrastructure. But you also need to know your team has the knowledge to use it safely and effectively. Are they up to speed on the latest phishing techniques? If not, you’re at risk of cyber-attacks. Are they making the most of your software? If not, your productivity won’t be where it should be.

People need to learn in a structured and engaging way, and that’s what we offer. We can train your team up in everything from cyber-security to core competencies. We’ve got the accreditations, expertise and training materials to plug any knowledge gaps you may have in your team.

Final thoughts

These are just some of the many things we can do to ensure you’re running at full speed and with the proper protection. To cover all this in-house, you’d need a massive recruitment drive – the IT managers and support staff alone would set you back untold amounts.

Well, there’s a simpler way. With us, you get all this and more at a price that’s affordable and fair. Our expertise and outstanding service will ensure you’re protected from threats and downtime, and making the very most of your IT. Leave that to us, and then you can focus on what matters most to you: your business.

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