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Top 5 managed IT services for Yorkshire

We offer first-class managed IT services to businesses nationwide, but we’re proud to be from Yorkshire. From our base in Wakefield, we feel well-placed to understand the needs of Yorkshire businesses. That’s why we’ve written this blog. We want to explain some of the core services we offer, to show how much they can benefit companies in Yorkshire.  

There are so many great businesses in our county, from manufacturing to services and everything in between. We see a huge range of skills and expertise in Yorkshire, which is something to be proud of. And for all that diversity, all sectors have one thing in common: IT.  

IT is the backbone of modern business, and chances are that everything from communication to sales will rely on it in one way or another. Get your IT infrastructure right, and you’ll be more productive in everything you do. But if you get it wrong, it won’t just slow you down – it could open you up to all kinds of threats, like cyber-crime and downtime.

What is managed IT?

We believe that the managed IT services we provide are a great way to avoid those pitfalls. The basic premise is this: all businesses need IT, but not all have the expertise or budget to manage it actively in-house. What we do is to fill those gaps – whether that means complementing an existing IT team, or acting as an external IT department. So, without further ado, these are some of the services we can help with…

Disaster recovery

It goes without saying that a lot can go wrong with business IT. Power outages, hardware failure, viruses, cyber-attacks… The list goes on. All these things can put you out of action temporarily, and some (like outages) are beyond your control. There are two big questions here: 1) how long will your systems be down, and 2) what happens to your files? If you don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place, you could lose critical work – and that’s not to mention the time and money you’d be wasting getting back up and running.

As IT consultants, we can help you devise a plan that keeps you running, and prevents you from losing files. This means thinking strategically. We’ll look at what you do, where you work and the systems you use, and then create a plan based on the most likely threats, and what you need in order to carry on. Too many businesses in Yorkshire just don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place. We want to change that.

IT support services

So, we’ve covered dealing with disasters – now this is about averting disasters! Day to day, there may be all sorts of little problems in the performance of your IT infrastructure. This or that app may be running slowly, or perhaps it’s trouble with someone’s desktop. Add all these things up, and they can really slow you down. If you don’t have the in-house expertise to monitor all this and troubleshoot it, those problems will only get worse.

Outsourced IT support is a great way to prevent that. We’re big believers in a more proactive approach here. We can monitor your systems 24/7, and your dedicated account manager will regularly review any tickets you raise. This allows us to nip problems in the bud. And if anything needs fixing, we can provide a full IT helpdesk. Most issues can be fixed remotely, but if not, we’re only in Wakefield – we can get to anywhere in Yorkshire rapidly. By outsourcing IT support, you instantly acquire the expertise and resources to manage your IT infrastructure.

Cloud computing

The benefits of cloud computing are pretty clear. If you depend on on-premise hardware for your work, you’ll be less flexible and more vulnerable. Any outages will have a much more detrimental effect, and it becomes hard (if not impossible) to work remotely.

We are able to help you migrate everything to the cloud – not just your files, but servers and firewalls too. This allows for greater scalability and flexibility, as well as enabling the most robust disaster recovery and backup plans possible. And as with everything else we do, our cloud services are completely bespoke.

IT training 

When people talk about business IT, the conversation tends to revolve around software and hardware. These are undoubtedly important, but there’s another, under-discussed part of your IT infrastructure and practices: your team. The fact is that technology succeeds or fails with its users. If you’ve got the latest and greatest tech but your team aren’t trained in it, you’ll never get the most out of it. And if they’re not trained in cybersecurity, you could have a much more serious problem on your hands.

We are a team of IT experts, with the accreditations to prove it! We’re able to train everyone from users to admins and managers in core IT competencies. This covers software, hardware, cybersecurity, compliance and more. You’ll always get more out of a trained workforce.


Even now, some people seem to think cyber-crime isn’t a problem for them. The popular image, borrowed from Hollywood, is of lone hackers targeting huge corporations and government agencies. This happens, but it doesn’t reflect what most cyber-crime looks like. Nowadays, it’s organised, and very frequently targets SMEs, including in Yorkshire. The reason, to be blunt, is that SMEs are perceived as easy targets. It’s our mission to make sure they’re not!

We can make sure you’re properly protected. This begins with a security audit. Then we can provide industry-leading firewalls, as well as anti-virus and anti-spam tools. We can also assess your team’s knowledge of cyber-crime, and provide any training they made need to ensure you’re protected.

Why Biscuit?

We believe that our service is what differentiates us. We do things the Yorkshire way: friendly, honest and straight-talking. With all customers, we begin with a free audit. And if we don’t think you need our services, we’ll say so. Selling you things you don’t need is not our style.

This means that what you get from us is a service you can trust, with a friendly face. This matters in Yorkshire, and it matters to us!

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch on 01924 241 281.