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You won’t believe the things I’ve seen

Horror stories blog

Time for some horror stories. I’ve worked in IT for a while now. If you’re in any line of work for a long time, you’re bound to witness some bizarre events and extremely unwise practices – just ask Sue Gray if you don’t believe me. These are some that I’ve seen. Now, admittedly, business IT … Read more

Our IT accreditations

CV Blog

We take pride in our work. We also believe that if you’re going to do a job, you should be able to do it to the highest standards. In this blog, we’ll explain why it is that we can do just that – and that we’ve got the credentials to prove it! We provide managed … Read more

Why your business needs a disaster recovery plan now

Disaster recovery blog

Let’s start by stating the obvious: modern business is completely dependent on IT. This is true in practically every sector under the sun. Admin, customer records, online transactions… IT is the backbone of all these things. This does mean is that if anything goes wrong with your IT, it limits your ability to do business. … Read more