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Our IT accreditations

We take pride in our work. We also believe that if you’re going to do a job, you should be able to do it to the highest standards. In this blog, we’ll explain why it is that we can do just that – and that we’ve got the credentials to prove it!

We provide managed IT services for business, throughout Yorkshire and nationwide. This means we can look after your entire IT infrastructure – cybersecurity, disaster recovery, monitoring, maintenance, Office 365 licences … You name it, we can handle it.

It wouldn’t be possible to do all of this without rigorous training and a lot of knowledge. So, to show that we’ve got what it takes, we thought we’d list some of our accreditations.  

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a scheme backed by the UK Government to help guard businesses against cybercrime. Our services, systems and internal tools are all certified under the scheme, showing our high standards across the board.

In business, cybersecurity is as important as keeping good books. Cybercrime is an ever-present threat, and with a single attack you can lose everything. If we’re looking after your cybersecurity, you know you’re in safe hands!


ESET provides an excellent business cybersecurity training course, which all our cybersecurity team have completed. This covers a whole range of topics, from phishing and social engineering to password management and network security.

Unfortunately, cybercrime is a danger that will never go away. But thanks to our training and our years of experience, we can help keep you safe.

Datto Certified Deployment Specialists

Datto are providers of cybersecurity and data backup solutions, who run advanced courses on disaster recovery and business continuity. Our engineers are Datto-certified Advanced Technicians, which is the highest-level Datto qualification.

It means we’ve got an encyclopaedic knowledge of disaster recovery – which is an essential but all-too-frequently overlooked area of business IT. Your systems could go down at any point, for reasons beyond your control – power outages, fires or any number of unexpected events could occur. If you’re not prepared, you could be facing excessive downtime and catastrophic data loss. With a bespoke disaster recovery plan from our specialists at Biscuit, you can make sure that doesn’t happen. 


Veeam specialise in backup and disaster recovery, and are a global leader in data protection. They also lead training courses in the area, which we’ve completed. This is yet another string in our bow!


SonicWall are network security experts who run a robust training programme. Naturally, we’re fully accredited!


WatchGuard are leading providers of endpoint and network security. And once again, we’re an accredited partner. This just goes to show our extensive knowledge when it comes to network design and safety.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

We employ a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. This advanced qualification goes far beyond knowledge of Microsoft products. It certifies the ability to design and run efficient data centres.

We’re a provider of Microsoft Office 365 licences. Office 365 remains an incredibly powerful suite of products, as well as offering first-rate cloud storage and collaboration solutions. Our knowledge of it means we can make sure you’ve got the best licensing arrangement for your needs and budget, and we can expertly handle any problems that arise.  

The most important accreditation of all

So, we’ve given you a run-down of some of our accreditations. We’d like to think it shows we know what we’re doing! Our expertise and technical knowledge are indispensable. But that’s not all there is to us, and that’s why we’re saving the most important thing for last: our dedication to the job.

The way we see it, we’re not just someone you call when something’s wrong. Instead, we’re your IT managers, as devoted to the success of your business as you are. This informs our approach to everything, however much of your infrastructure we’re managing.

It begins with an audit. We’ll look over your business and IT setup, and report back on whether we think we can help and what you might need. We’ll be completely honest here too. If we don’t think we’re right for you, we’ll say as much.

We will examine your business in forensic detail – what you do, what systems you use, and where you’re vulnerable. If we’re offering cybersecurity or disaster recovery, we’ll draw up a plan that’s tailored to your business. If we’re monitoring your systems, we’ll do it proactively, 24/7, allowing us to prevent problems rather than having to fix them. Whatever we do, it’s always with your best interests at heart.

Get in touch

Accreditations are hugely important. Ultimately, they tell you that we know our business. But honesty, care and attention to detail are what defines us. We can make sure your IT infrastructure is protected from threats and running at maximum efficiency.

It starts with a phone call. For a free audit or a 30 minute phone consultation, get in touch.