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What are the benefits of a managed IT provider?

There’s a growing interest in managed IT services. Every business needs its IT infrastructure to be well maintained and protected from cybercrime. But doing this in-house demands a lot of research and recruitment, as well as expertise that not every business has.

Managed IT is a simpler, more flexible way of benefitting from that expertise. And it’s exactly what we specialise in at Biscuit IT. With that in mind, we thought we’d highlight some of the benefits of managed IT services. But first off, let’s explain exactly what it means…

What’s managed IT?

Think of everything an IT department does – system maintenance and monitoring, cybersecurity, software management, backups, staff training, help desk… the list goes on. It’s a significant commitment to do all of that in-house, and for some businesses it’s simply out of reach.

With a managed IT provider, you outsource those core IT services. You can pick and choose the services you need, and pay for them in a single regular bill. It’s a simpler, more flexible way of keeping your IT infrastructure safe and in good working order. And with that in mind, we’ll run through some of the major benefits of this approach.


IT is the backbone of business. Practically everything we do relies on it in some way, from admin and communication to sales. Clearly, that’s because it’s incredibly useful. But that also makes it a vulnerability. Not every business has the in-house expertise to manage it, whether that’s protection against the constant threat of cybercrime or everyday monitoring and maintenance.

With managed IT services, you’re essentially hiring in that knowledge. With Biscuit, you’ve got instant access to real expertise, and without the complications of recruiting in-house. This means that whatever your line of work, you can be sure that you’ll be running at maximum efficiency, and keeping cyber-criminals at bay. This leaves you to focus on what you’re an expert in: your business!


Of course, you can have all that expertise with an in-house IT department. But that’s more complicated than it sounds. You have to recruit and manage that team, which means it’s on you to appraise their performance.

Outsourcing it is a lot simpler – you simply pay one bill for any services you need. That’s it. And at Biscuit, we’re flexible. We can work with your existing IT department, or we can be your IT department. Either way, it simplifies things for you, and there’s a lot to be said for that!


Every business is different, and businesses can change over time. It may be something as simple as a new product range, or a bigger milestone like an acquisition. Whatever it is, it follows that as your business changes, so will your IT needs.

Managed IT is the perfect fit for changing businesses, because it’s so flexible. You just pay for the services you need. If you change, we’ll change with you.

Avoiding downtime and cybercrime

Downtime and cybercrime are two of the biggest threats to any business. Your systems could go down at any time, for reasons beyond your control – power cuts, fires, bad weather… It could be down to a cyber-attack too – which can clean you out financially as well as causing downtime.

Guarding against this is essential – the stakes are simply too high. And this is where we come into our own. We’re experienced in preventing the worst. This means bespoke disaster recovery plans, cloud backups and cyber security measures. We can even monitor systems 24/7, which allows us to prevent problems before they arise. Although we can’t prevent power cuts, we can make sure you’re back up and running straight away!

Impartial advice

You know how it is. In any organisation, there will always be internal politics. That’s not necessarily a problem, but it can affect the way your business makes decisions. This is why an outsider’s perspective can help.

As IT consultants, our only interest is what’s best for you. That’s all. We analyse your business, your needs and your budget, and we’ll apply our expertise to find what works. Objective, expert advice is always valuable, and that’s what we provide at Biscuit. 

What Biscuit can do

These are just some of the upsides of choosing managed IT services to maintain and protect your IT infrastructure. At Biscuit, we can help you realise all these benefits and more.

We also feel that a couple of things set us apart. One is our honest, no-nonsense approach. We’re a Yorkshire business, and we do things the Yorkshire way – straightforward and trustworthy. And we couple that with a genuinely bespoke service. We don’t ask you to adapt to us. We’ll assess your needs, and make suggestions that fit.

We offer a free consultation. After that, if we don’t think you need our services, we’ll say so. And if we can help, it’ll be by tailoring what we can offer to your needs. That way, we’ll ensure that you’re protected from threats, and running as smoothly as possible. Get in touch to get the ball rolling.