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How a Managed IT solution keeps your business secure

Managed It security blog

Business security is a pressing issue now more than ever. More and more teams are being exposed to cyber-security threats due to the pandemic and rise of remote working. It’s important to emphasise that not many businesses are aware quite how vulnerable their systems can be. As many as 75% of victims of hacks thought … Read more

What to do if you are a victim of cyber crime

What to do if you fall victim to cyber crime blog

Cyber crimes do happen. It’s not a pleasant thought, but it really could happen to you. Surveys have shown that the majority of businesses that fall victim to cyber crime thought their networks were secure enough to prevent an attack. In this blog post we will discuss what you should do if you fall victim … Read more

Your Guide to Phishing

Phishing blog

At Biscuit, we have experience with dealing with all kinds of cyber-attacks. Everything from viruses to sophisticated site-wide attacks. One of the most dangerous experiences that businesses now face come from phishing attacks. These attacks are usually facilitated by user error and have increased dramatically since more people started to work from home. The thing … Read more

Top 10 most common IT issues

Top 10 issues blog

Modern businesses are moving towards Cloud systems for their business services, but this doesn’t mean your IT Support partners are redundant. However, even with ultra-reliable Cloud services, you may find yourself encountering the same problems time and time again. In this blog post we’ll cover some of the most common recurring problems that businesses face … Read more

How Cyber Criminals will target businesses in 2021

Cyber Crime blog

2020 was a uniquely challenging year for business and many of these challenges seem set to continue into 2021. We’re still working from home or on the go. This means a continued reliance on our personal devices, and a continued lack of the office technology that we are used to. This includes the systems that … Read more

Why Microsoft Teams is an essential IT tool for businesses

Before 2020, many business owners did not know what Microsoft Teams was. It was a relatively new piece of software that was mostly used by businesses who were ahead of the curve in terms of technology. Then Covid 19 happened, and the remote working revolution began. In this time many businesses started to fall out … Read more

Combating Remote Working Tech Issues

Remote worry blog

Initially working from home may seem like a luxury, however, once the novelty wears off reality sets in. With a dramatic increase in employees working from home, networks have been put under strain which in turn has led to slow connectivity and downloads. An added frustration for remote workers is dealing with the new technology installed … Read more

Bespoke Acoustic Solutions Case Study

BAS testimonial

Bespoke Acoustic Solutions (BAS) are a leading UK manufacturer of quality, high-performance, cost-effective Acoustic Louvres and Enclosures based in Worsley Manchester. They have worked on numerous projects, both large and small, through a direct appointment with the end client and in association with acoustic consultants. All BAS products are manufactured in Britain and goods are procured … Read more

The risks to business in not upgrading technology

Upgrading risks blog

Microsoft estimates that SME’s that utilize outdated equipment lose up to seven days a calendar year due to technology outages and that 70 – 80% of malware could be avoided if your technology was up to date. Many companies delay the replacement of hardware and software due to financial implications however, being on top of … Read more