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5 Reasons why Penetration Testing is Crucial for Businesses

PEN testing

Penetration Testing (or Pen Testing) is a method of evaluating the security of an information system by simulating an attack from a malicious source. In simple terms, it is an authorized test to establish how weak your organization’s cybersecurity is and what you can do to strengthen it. Sadly, not many companies are comfortable with … Read more

Trends to Watch in Cyber Security

Cyber security trends

Personal and corporate privacy continue eroding away as cyberattacks and data breaches become more common. In the first half of 2019 alone, more than 4.1 billion data records were exposed in known data breaches. The average cost of data breaches for affected companies is now nearly £3 million per business. ​ Standing guard while our society becomes ever … Read more

What is a Colocation Data Centre?

Colocation blog

A colocation data centre often referred to as a ‘colo,’ is any large datacentre facility that rents out rack space to third parties for their servers or other network equipment. This is a very popular service that is used by businesses that may not have the resources needed to maintain their own data centre but still want … Read more

Six major benefits of Cloud Computing for business

Cloud Computing blog

The rapid development of technology has provided companies with alternative solutions to running and developing their businesses. More frequently companies are starting to build their business model by relying on Cloud Computing. This technology is a relatively new business model applicable to all companies no matter of size. There are still businesses that are of the mindset … Read more

Reasons to Back Up your Microsoft Office 365

Backup office blog

Microsoft may host the infrastructure for Office 365, but this doesn’t supersede your responsibility to maintain a backup of your data. In fact, ownership of your data in the cloud — being able to set up, access, recover or move it — is your obligation, not Microsoft’s. It is so easy to order and start … Read more

Find out about Adware and how to protect yourself

Avoid Adware blog

Windows 10 is today the operating system most used by users. This logically makes hackers put their sights here. They create malware oriented to this operating system and different threats that can be exploited. That is why users of Microsoft operating systems have to put more effort into their security. Without a doubt, we are facing … Read more

Why organizations are using IT managed services

Managed IT blog

Unless you have a massive budget and team for IT, your organization is probably looking towards managed IT service options and asking the pivotal question: Are managed IT services a commodity, or a value add?  While most organizations originally look to managed IT services for cost-cutting purposes, managed IT services offer a lot more than just decreased IT … Read more