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Cloud Computing

At Biscuit we are the cloud experts. We’ve got decades of experience deploying and managing cloud systems between the team. We have an incredibly broad range of skills under our belts, from network architecture to data centre management.

This puts us in a unique position to support your company’s digital transformation. From colocation and simple virtual servers to dedicated, hyperconverged infrastructure, our cloud computing services are designed to cater to businesses of any size.

Our Cloud Computing Services

Hosted Servers

If you’re looking to move your existing servers to the cloud, we can offer secure colocation services in our data centres. We’ve also got the expertise in-house to migrate your services to dedicated servers, upgrading hardware and accessibility in one move.

All our cloud servers are backed by industry-leading SLAs, ensuring we’ll keep your business online.

Hosted Infrastructure

Our hosted infrastructure services allow you to fully separate your business from on-site hardware. Moving your firewalls and computing resources to the cloud allows for rapid scalability and unmatched computing power.

Hosted infrastructure gives you access to computing power and advanced services on demand, allowing you to seamlessly cater to spikes in demand.

Business Continuity

Cloud systems make building a business continuity plan simpler than ever before. Disaster recovery encompasses far more than just data integrity and the availability of tools.

We offer consultancy and support services to help you build a business continuity strategy, with contingencies for all eventualities.

Cloud Storage

Our cloud storage solutions are cost-effective, reliable and accessible. We can provide enough capacity to satisfy even the most data-hungry business.

Thanks to the unique scalability of our cloud systems, there’s no limit to the amount of storage you can use. Once you sign up with Biscuit, you’ve bought your last hard drive.

Office 365

With decades of experience among the team, we’ve got the skills and depth of knowledge to migrate you to Office 365 without any disruption and without any risk of data loss.

Our account managers have an encyclopedic understanding of Microsoft’s licensing structure, ensuring you’ll always have the most cost-effective license without sacrificing any functionality you actually use.

Our Customer Care

We believe we provide a unique level of customer care. Unlike many other IT companies, we don’t ask you to adapt to our technology and the way we work. We adapt to you. When you sign up with Biscuit, your dedicated account manager will provide clear, unbiased advice without any jargon, helping you make an informed decision about the best way forward.

The bespoke nature of our work means we’re happy to offer any level of service, from consultancy and support through to full project management. We also offer flexible payment options on any projects we take on, structuring the service to work for you.

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Always up to Speed

Biscuit’s Support team impress us every time we call them. The majority of the problems we report are resolved over the phone, and more often than not they’re already working on a fix before we report an issue!

The Benefits of Biscuit’s Cloud Computing Services


We host servers in several data centres across the UK, with redundant backups of all our infrastructure. This ensures we can provide industry-leading SLAs, keeping your data intact and your servers up and running no matter what happens.


Our virtual servers offer practically unlimited room for you to expand. We handle all the hardware requirements on your behalf, ensuring you’ll never have to consider the capacity or lifespan of your servers. All you need to do is let us know how many users you need to add; we’ll handle the rest.


Taking your in-house services to the cloud takes all the complexity out of remote access. You will be able to access and use your servers from any connection, promoting home working without introducing any security risks to your office network.


Our cloud experts work with our support engineers to manage migrations quickly and safely. Whether you’re migrating to a cloud service like Office 365, or virtualising your existing in-house systems, we’ll give you the peace of mind you deserve.


Allowing your staff to access your office network from their home devices is extremely risky. Cloud computing eliminates this risk by removing these servers from your network. With our cutting-edge security systems protecting your servers in our data centres, you’ll never have to worry about losing data to an attack.

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