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Cyber Security

With cyber crime on the rise, it’s crucial that you take every step you can to protect your business and customers against any potential data breach.

Our cyber security services encompass all the hardware, software and even training that your business needs to stay safe. Our state-of-the-art firewalls and cloud security packages will keep your staff and network insulated from any potential attackers.

Our Cyber Security Services

Anti-Virus Protection

Protect your user devices from attack with state-of-the-art anti virus systems. We partner with ESET and Sophos to provide the most suitable solution to each of our clients.

Installing a simple anti-virus app on your devices ensures you’re protected against viruses and other malicious software. We handle everything for you in the background, so you can carry on with business as usual.

Anti-Spam Protection

Protecting yourself against spam is no longer just a case of blocking unwanted adverts from landing in your inbox. Our advanced systems scan all incoming email, blocking unwanted spam and phishing attempts from ever reaching your inbox.

Phishing attacks are getting increasingly sophisticated, so relying on your staff to be able to identify them every time is not enough to guarantee protection.


The latest firewalls are better than ever at defending your network against unauthorised access. Of course, a firewall is only as effective as the rules governing it, so our cutting-edge firewalls are backed by our unmatched expertise.

Our accredited security experts will keep your network and data safe behind a practically impenetrable wall.

Penetration Testing

Do you run an e-commerce website in your business? Do you deal with sensitive data that must be protected?

Our experts can put your cyber-security systems through their paces, simulating a real attack in order to find potential vulnerabilities and security flaws before anyone else does. With cyber attacks on the rise, protecting your business is more important than ever.

Security Audits

It’s more common than you might imagine for organisations to lack a true understanding of the wide range of data they hold on file and more importantly, of the potential repercussions should they fail to properly protect this data.

We can offer consultancy and support services around data protection strategy and best practice for your peace of mind.

You’re in Safe Hands

As well as our decades of experience, our team has attained Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations. This gives us the depth of knowledge necessary to help you make the most of the services we provide.

We work with a wide variety of systems, allowing us to offer services that best suit the way you work. Whether that’s an intelligent set of firewall rules, well-managed anti-virus systems or our thorough security audits, our experience informs everything we do.

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Genuine peace of mind.

After other businesses in our industry were hit by cyber-attacks we knew it was time for a change. The regular updates that Biscuit provide has allowed us to finally relax!

The Benefits of Biscuit’s Cyber Security Services

Proactive, not Reactive

Our cyber security team can make sure all security patches are applied to your devices as soon as they’re available. Our security experts work with our support engineers to plan and execute upgrades and patches safely, ensuring you’re never left vulnerable to attack.


95% of cyber attacks are caused by human error. This is an alarming statistic, but it’s easily resolved with our cyber security training. We can give your staff the skills they need to keep themselves safe online. After all, an educated userbase is your best defence against cyber crime.

Mobile Protection

We can even protect your business mobiles. With more and more work being done from your mobiles, it’s more important than ever to extend virus protection to your pockets. Our email protection and anti-virus systems keep all the data on your mobiles safe, ensuring no there’s no unauthorised access.

Total Compliance

Our approach is bespoke and will be tailored according to the specific needs of your business. Our data compliance solutions include a combination of hardware and software to ensure protection. We also provide support in developing policies and processes to improve your data security practices.

Cyber Strategy

Cyber attacks are constantly evolving, so your defences against them must adapt to match. If you’ve not upgraded your security systems in a while, we can offer consultancy and support services around strategic planning and best practice for your peace of mind.

Ongoing Upgrades

To ensure that our solutions grow and adapt with your business, we review your hardware and software annually to ensure it is still the best solution to meet your needs. We’ll then provide a report highlighting areas for improvement and review, ensuring you’re always up to date.

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How much could downtime cost you?

Downtime can be disastrous for any business. Whether it’s a cyber-attack, local outage or user error if your systems go down you need to be prepared. We’ve partnered with backup provider Datto to create our downtime calculator. This will show how much a business like yours would stand to lose, as well as how to prevent it.

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