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IT Support designed for the flexible business

Biscuit IT represents a new way of looking at outsourced IT Support. Where other companies work almost exclusively reactively, we work proactively. That means we’re always looking out for the early warning signs. We monitor all your devices, responding immediately to alerts to ensure everything stays in peak health, and your staff stay productive.

Based in Yorkshire, we work with businesses around the UK.

The benefits of Biscuit’s IT Support



Proactive, not reactive

We don’t wait for you to call us to let us know something’s gone wrong. Our advanced monitoring systems work on all your devices, sending data back to us and letting us know of any potential issues in real-time. We hold extensive documentation on your services, allowing us to apply updates and patches as soon as they’re available.

health checks


We’re looking out for you

All of our clients have dedicated account managers. Our account managers review all your support tickets monthly, and get regular reports on the health of your devices from the engineering team. This allows them to identify patterns and any recurring problems, allocating resources to resolve them before they cause issues with your business.



Seamless scalability

Like the best Cloud systems, our IT Support services grow with your business. There’s no need for you to hire more IT staff or worry about service upgrades with Biscuit supporting your systems. We keep a close eye on the health of your systems to make sure you’ve always got capacity to spare, and we’ve got the engineering resources to support even the largest of businesses.



Agile and efficient remote support

With flexible working the name of the game, your IT Support partner must be able to work with remote users. The good news is that we don’t need to be in the same building as you to help. We’re always available on the phone, and our remote support systems allow us to log in to any of your users’ devices, no matter where they are working from.

Why Biscuit?

Founded in 2016, Biscuit has continually evolved to meet the changing needs of our customers and their businesses. Our product set is continuously strengthened and is delivered with a dedication to quality, value for money and excellent customer service.

Instead of waiting for something to go wrong with your IT infrastructure we offer completely bespoke and proactive management services. Our account management team will ensure that your system is always working up to standard and will get in touch quickly if there’s something that can be done to improve it.

Always up to speed.

Biscuit’s Support team impress us every time we call them. The majority of the problems we report are resolved over the phone, and more often than not they’re already working on a fix before we report an issue!

Our IT Support Services

Proactive Support

Proactive support isn’t just about applying security patches and running virus scans. Where other firms may only review tickets and data very rarely, our account managers give your systems a health check once a month. This ensures we can identify and resolve any recurring problems very quickly.

Help Desk

Of course, monitoring systems can’t alert us to every issue you might have. Our UK-based Help Desk is staffed by experts with a thorough understanding of all the technologies you use in your business. We offer industry-leading SLAs, giving you confidence that any issue you report will be resolved swiftly.

IT Manager Service

Do you need a dedicated IT Manager to provide full-time support to your staff? We can tailor a bespoke service to your needs, providing on-site or remote support on a full-time basis. Our IT Managers work closely with your in-house teams, developing a long-term strategy for growth and digital transformation.

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